New release extends OpenServer 6 with security updates, virtualization, and application migration to OpenServer 10

BERKELEY, CADecember 7, 2015—Xinuos™, a leading provider of solutions based operating systems, today announced the release of Xinuos OpenServer 6 Definitive, an important upgrade for OpenServer 6 customers. This will be the final update to OpenServer 6 and gives companies new capabilities and continued support. The release of the Definitive versions of OpenServer 5, OpenServer 6 and UnixWare 7 come as the company prepares for the upcoming launch of OpenServer 10, the reliable and secure operating system designed for modern business.

OpenServer 6 was originally released in 2005 and includes support for large files, increased memory, and multi-threaded kernel (light-weight processes) supporting applications with SVR5 technology. The system also supports up to 32 processors, 1 TB of data, and 64GB of memory.

The new OpenServer 6 Definitive extends the robust features of OpenServer 6 with new security updates, virtualization, and the ability to migrate applications to OpenServer 10.

“With this new update to our popular OpenServer 6 operating system, companies can run applications and services within their existing infrastructure while exploring a migration to OpenServer 10,” said David Meyer, Xinuos Chief Technology Officer.

OpenServer 6 Definitive bundles a variety of ready-made applications platforms with the UNIX SVR5 kernel. These can be configured “out of the box” or specifically configured to meet business needs. Examples include a database server platform, a Windows® virtual machine platform, a network server platform, and a developer platform.

OpenServer 6 Definitive includes:

  • Multi-threaded kernel to support applications with SVR5 technology
  • One terabyte of data to run applications
  • Support for up to 32 processors
  • 64 GB of memory
  • Support for current security standards


OpenServer 6 Definitive is optimized to run in a virtualized VMware environment. In addition to energy savings and lower capital expenditures, virtualization provides higher resource availability, easier scalability, increased security, and improved disaster recovery.

Optimized for OpenServer 10

The Xinuos stack solution allows OpenServer 6 Definitive to run within Xinuos OpenServer 10 so companies can migrate applications to a native environment in OpenServer 10. This stack solution can be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for greater flexibility.

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