OpenServer X is built on rock-solid open source foundation powering renowned global organizations and provides a migration path for existing Xinuos and SCO customers

SAN MATEO, CAJune 9, 2015—Xinuos™, a leading provider of proven, highly reliable and secure UNIX-based operating systems, today announced Xinuos OpenServer X™, a 64-bit open source operating system for Intel/AMD architecture and optimized for running mission critical applications in small, medium and enterprise-sized organizations. Xinuos OpenServer X is pre-sales production ready and can be downloaded immediately for free evaluation, testing, and development. OpenServer X will be available with paid support and maintenance options in early fall of this year. Customers on versions of SCO UnixWare 7, SCO OpenServer 5 and SCO OpenServer 6 can inquire at about the best migration path for their needs. OpenServer X is the first Xinuos product built on open source software and marks a renewed commitment to customer support and technology excellence.

“We continue to build out our partner community and are reaching out to application developers who share our commitment to support, collaboration and transparency with customers,” said Sean Snyder, CEO of Xinuos. “We will leave no customer behind as we embrace an open source model. We have a migration path for everyone.”

OpenServer X delivers best value to organizations of any size

  • Xinuos gives small to medium-sized businesses enterprise-class solutions based on proven open source technology that lets customers get more out of their hardware investment.
  • Xinuos gives enterprises all the tools and applications needed to roll out large-scale projects, including virtualization, high availability and clustering.
  • The OpenServer X license provides a flexible choice for companies that want the reliability, stability, security and scalability inherent in UNIX-based systems.

Some OpenServer X highlights:

  • ZFS: a world class leading file system with built-in raid capability
  • Security: access control lists, security event auditing, extended file system attributes, mandatory access controls and fine-grained capabilities
  • Advanced TCP/IP network stacks
  • Accounting: per-process, per-jail, and per-login class resource accounting information
  • Jails for security and bhyve for virtualization
  • Development tools: largest set available for development

About Xinuos, Inc.

Xinuos provides commercial customers with operating systems that are reliable, dependable and secure for mission-critical applications that demand rock-solid performance. The Xinuos general-purpose operating systems are on pace with hardware and software industry advances and are designed to power any size business that requires stability, reliability and scalability. You can have it all.

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