Xinuos, Inc. Annouces New Certification on NEC Servers

November 14, 2014

Xinuos, Inc. today announced a successful certification of Xinuos’ OpenServer™ 6 Operating System on NEC Corporation of America’s (NEC) Tower model Express5800/T110g-S server, at the iXorg TestFest, Fall 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This certification provides OpenServer 6 developers, including the iXorg membership, a leading-edge server platform for the deployment of their applications.

The T110g-S is a compact Intel Quad Core E3 based server that offers customers a small, powerful tower perfect for today’s office environments, as well as a reliable datacenter solution. In addition, NEC’s nationwide service offering aligns OpenServer 6 customers with the perfect vendor based on Xinuos’ “never down” approach to computing.

The association between Xinuos and NEC will facilitate certification of additional NEC product lines with Xinuos’ current and future OpenServer and UnixWare™ products, as well as future NEC products to enable the availability of state-of-the-art hardware to run enterprise applications developed for OpenServer and UnixWare.

NEC and Xinuos have identified DTR Business Systems, Inc. as their reseller of choice to provide the T110g-S and future certified products to customers.

“Customers can order and receive their NEC servers with OpenServer 6 pre-loaded and configured,” said Rene’ Beltran, executive vice president of DTR Business Systems. “Our approach is to simplify the sourcing and deployment of NEC servers into the Xinuos customer base.” "This announcement is good news for NEC resellers who support SCO Operating Systems from Xinuos,” said David Dew, owner of The Santa Cruz Connection and president of iXorg, Inc. "This certification will enable our customers to continue to run their existing business critical applications on compatible hardware from a respected computer manufacturer."

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