Server Tune-Up

Default installations of UNIX systems are designed to work on the widest range of platforms and user requirements as possible. Therefore, they install components and system configurations that may not be needed and are by no means optimal.

For example, a system installed on a 32 MB desktop as the basic installation (no additional components installed) can consume up to 24MB of resources at boot. After a custom script and kernel are made, however, the system requirements can drop to as little as 11MB. Under most circumstances, a noticeable performance improvement can be realized, especially with smaller systems.

With the UNIX Tune-up, a Xinuos consultant visits your site, evaluates the configuration of your server system, and optimizes the performance (including kernel rebuilds and minor source-level optimization, if needed).


  • Performance analysis and tuning for servers of all sizes
  • On-site analysis by an Xinuos consultant
  • Configuration evaluation of your server system
  • Performance optimization
  • Kernel tune-up and source-level optimization, if required
  • Comprehensive recommendations for solving technical issues and mitigating risk
  • Evaluation of your hardware and software (both in-house and third-party) to determine exact requirements
  • Recommendations for modifications required, if any, to existing infrastructure applications for successful deployment
  • Recommendations for any custom engineering that may be required
  • Full technical assessment and risk analysis

As the world’s leading provider of UNIX server operating systems, Xinuos maintains a staff of world-class engineers who offer comprehensive insight into the technology and deployment issues in your enterprise.

With over 30 years of experience with Intel and UNIX systems, Xinuos Professional Services consultants can recommend specific solutions for your specific system, helping you take full advantage of UNIX, and providing you with detailed plans for full deployment.

Xinuos Expertise

Xinuos is a global leader in business system software for network computing. Xinuos Professional Services provide unsurpassed technical expertise ensuring that you always get the right answers to your questions and the right solutions for your needs.

Open Systems Philosophy

Xinuos is dedicated to the open systems philosophy. We strongly recommend solutions that permit future growth, technical innovation, compatibility with systems from multiple vendors. We do not sell proprietary systems or any hardware. Our only interest is in providing you with the most cost-effective solution possible.