Server Deployment

Designing a solution is an art form. Rolling out around your company can be a major challenge. Xinuos Professional Services team has over 30 years of experience in designing, implementing and rolling out complex solutions for our customers. Xinuos has a number of services prepackaged to enable you to deploy UNIX server technologies. We can also create a custom program to provide you the exact expertise and resources you require to get the job done.

Server Tune-Up

Default installations of UNIX systems are designed to work on the widest range of platforms and user requirements as possible. Therefore, they install components and system configurations that may not be needed and are by no means optimal.


Server Assessment

Highly respected in the UNIX System industry for our professionalism, problem-solving skills, innovative solutions, and attention to detail, we continuously work with enterprise users to assist them in thoroughly examining their systems and creating new solutions.


Server Start-up

If you are planning to deploy a UNIX system, getting your new system up and running can be a challenge, unless you enlist an experienced team from Xinuos Professional Services to help you every step of the way.