OpenServer 6.0.0 - Maintenance Pack 4 (osr600mp4)

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The SCO OpenServer(TM) Release 6.0.0 Maintenance Pack 4 contains important features and fixes for your SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 system and should be applied at your next maintenance period. See the Release Notes for complete details.


Filename Description File Size Checksum (sum -r) Download
osr600mp4.html Release Notes - HTML Format 324428 27035 634 FTP | HTTP
osr600mp4.pdf Release Notes - PDF Format 656399 16968 1283 FTP | HTTP
osr600mp4.txt Release Notes - Text Format 295457 23916 578 FTP | HTTP
osr600mp4_cd1.iso CD1 ISO Image 470634496 05594 919208 FTP | HTTP
osr600mp4_cd1.tar CD1 VOL Archive - Tar Format 453227520 21438 885210 FTP | HTTP
osr600mp4_cd2.tar CD2 VOL Archive - Tar Format 684200448 55402 1336329 FTP | HTTP
osr600mp4_cd2.iso CD2 ISO Format 696018944 18602 1359412 FTP | HTTP



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