OpenServer Release 5.0.7

Late News

This document contains information that was obtained too late for inclusion in the documentation shipped with OpenServer Release 5.0.7. Check the Support web site for updated information on updates, patches, and other support issues.


This documentation library provides information for Release 5.0.7 of the base OpenServer system, as well as DOS and Windows connectivity.

OpenServer Release 5.0.7V

OpenServer 5.0.7V Getting Started Guide for VMware

This Guide introduces the reader to OpenServer Release 5.0.7V for VMware. It provides the information you need to import and configure OpenServer 5.0.7V onto a supported VMware platform.

Upgrade Supplement Getting Started Guide

This Guide introduces the reader to the OpenServer Release 5.0.7V Upgrade Supplement. It provides the information you need to upgrade an OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 1.0.0/2.0.0 or OpenServer 5.0.7 System to OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 3.0.0.

OpenServer 5.0.7V Release Notes

This document describes the features and bug fixes added to OpenServer Release 5.0.7V Version 3.0.0.