UnixWare 7 Online Data Manager Release 3.2

UnixWare 7 Online Data Manager is one of the best software values for business critical server environments. For customers with rising disk storage requirements, Online Data Manager is exactly the tool you need to sort it all out its set of storage management tools is made significantly more powerful by the fact that all operations are done without effecting users or applications already active on the system.

Online Data Manager has been instrumental in the stunning success that UnixWare 7 has had in the area of performance. The ability to stripe or to span file systems among 2 or more disks allows UnixWare 7 to take advantage of yet another aspect of parallel operation in SMP server systems (spanning is in the UnixWare 7 base). Because Online Data Manager provides very useful performance monitoring capabilities within its graphical tools., application or data "hot spots" can be moved to separate devices to immediately improve the overall system performance without having to bring the system down.

In many business critical environments, the central processing unit (CPU) is often not the bottleneck. More often, a poorly managed disk subsystem is where many businesses cripple their own hardware. Online Data Manager provides maximum file system reliability and up􀉡time while improving performance and introducing an ingenious visual administration method that lays out your storage subsystem so you know exactly what's going on.

New for UnixWare 7: The multiple disk spanning feature of Online Data Manager is included in UnixWare 7 for no additional cost. The simple disk mirroring feature is available as a separate low cost license and is called UnixWare 7 Disk Mirroring 3.2. Both Online Data Manager and Disk Mirroring are on the UnixWare 7 media and only require a license to install and activate.

UnixWare7 - Online Data Manager - Technical Specifications

System Requirements

  • UnixWare 7 Application Server


  • CD-ROM drive required


Disk Space

  • 5MB free on each disk is recommended

Software Components

  • VERITAS File System (VxFS)

  • Volume Manager (VxVM)
  • Visual Administrator (VxVA)

High Availability/ Data Protection

  • RAID O-disk striping

  • RAID I-disk mirroring (also available as low cost separate license)

  • RAID 5-dlsk striping with distributed parity

  • RAID I0-striped, mirrored disks

  • On-line administration does not interrupt users or applications

  • Flexible "snap-shot" backup allows system backup

Volume Management Operations

  • Disk spanning

  • Dynamic file system resizing-supports, growing or shrinking file systems

  • Dynamic file system migration

  • Dynamic addition of mirrors and striping

  • All operations are independent of underlying hardware, drivers and applications

User Interface

  • Visual feedback on storage sub-system performance
  • All volume management activities performed through the graphical interface
  • View storage system by volume, by disk, or in total

File System

  • Fast file system recovery

  • Panic-free error Strategy

  • On-line unmount of failed file systems

  • Supports file systems greater than 2GB

  • Sync-on-close allows powering of desktop systems with no data loss


  • Real time performance analysis and tuning
  • NFS acceleration

  • Extent based allocation increases throughput for large files and I/0
  • Logging of user data for accelerated database performance
  • Dynamic defragmentation

  • Cache, buffer and allocation management for fine tuning high-performance applications