Xinuos responds to the SCO Group's motion for reconsideration and the reopening of the case against IBM

June 17, 2013

Xinuos announced today that its strategy is one that is focused on its products and clients. This statement of clarification on the company's plans is in response to Xinuos having been mistakenly identified as the new name for the SCO Group, which is a separate and unrelated company, by certain media outlets. "Xinuos is focused on delivering rock solid UNIX operating systems to our extremely loyal base of clients," stated Sean Snyder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Xinuos, Inc. "In April, 2011 we acquired certain assets, formerly owned by the SCO Group, which has enabled us to continue to deliver on our strategy of growth. With our next major release scheduled for the first quarter of 2014, we will continue to grow and deliver on our mission."

“Since the sale of assets was completed, we have had no further dealings with the SCO Group and have no knowledge regarding any legal action nor do we have any interest whatsoever in such proceedings," Mr. Snyder continued when asked for an opinion on the reopening of the SCO Group's case against IBM.

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Xinuos’ mission is to provide commercial customers with reliable, secure operating systems, on pace with both hardware and software industry advances, that sustain a vibrant applications-development community, offered at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our general purpose operating systems power small to medium-size businesses striving for stability and reliability, as well as large enterprises seeking scalability. Xinuos’ solutions offer unmatched reliability, dependability and security for mission-critical applications.

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